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It is necessary to keep a proper balance between acid and
alkaline in the body for optimal health.  What substances
you consume during the day can offset that balance.  The
charts below show the amounts of sugar and acid in sodas
and certain foods.  Use these charts as a guide to maintain
the balance between acid and alkaline.
For all my friends who still enjoy
an occasional cigarette, please
take note of these statistics.

Homeopathy can help you quit.
For those of you who are taking statin drugs, please look
at these statistics and understand that there are safe
alternatives.  Anyone taking a statin drug should be taking
a CoQ10 supplement.  Do your research and make an
appointment to find out why and how much is right for you.
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The whole grain story
The average intake of whole grains for a
healthy individual should be 3 ounces or about
85 grams per day. Read labels and know what
you are eating.
Should I eat High Fructose Corn Syrup?
In a recent un-biased study, HFCS was shown to adversely affect the body's ability
to regulate insulin levels.  Therefore HFCS can cause weight gain, contribute to the
risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes, hypertension and elevated "bad" cholesterol.  
The most disturbing finding was that HFCS contained mercury in more than 50% of
the samples tested.

It is advised to avoid any food that contains the genetically modified substance
HFCS.  Be aware that HFCS can hide in a food as many other names such as corn
syrup, etc.  Do your research before you eat anything that contains this genetically
modified substance that can harm your health.
It has been shown that cancer cells can flourish
in an acidic environment.  Keeping your body
in a neutral or more alkaline state can be a
preventative.  Please review the chart on the
right and try to consume more alkaline foods
in your diet.
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